Regain Powder (30 Pouches)

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Gopal Herbals
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Regain Powder is a ayurvedic medicine of Gopal Herbal co. One strip contain 30 pouches. Gopal Herbal Regain Powder is one of the best medicine for weight gain, healthy liver, blood creation, gain immunity.


Regain Powder keeps you healthy and fit in your daily life. It prevents weight loss, physical weakness, muscle wasting, cronic issues, loss of appetite, liver or degistive disorder and anemia. It keeps you to build body and gives you energy for healthy and active everyday life.

Benefits –
  • It build up health and gain weight.
  • The blood grows and glows on the face.
  • Make strong intestine and healthy enzyme system
  • Increases appetite and maintains energy in the body.
Dose – 

For healthy body take one one pouches each morning and evening after meals till one month. After that take one pouches at a day till 2 months. Then eat alternately, Don’t stop the medicine till your body muscles tightness if you leave the medicine once, you may lose weight. To increase appetite and for weakness take medicine one times a day for 30 days.

Precautions to be food –

To increase appetite eat full stomach but avoid spicy things. Along with the medicine you can eat meat and fish. Vegetarian people should eat milk, pulses and green leafy vegetables. At the start of medicine one or two days, you may feel lazy or sleepy. But after two days you will feel normal. Incase after consuming a medicine if you feel any problem, immediately stop consuming medicine and consult your doctor.

Side-Effects –

It’s a ayurvedic medicine and made by natural herbs so it’s have not side effects. But people with heart problem, diabetes, high blood pressure, pregnant women are recommended not to take this medicine.

Warning –

Many fake products is selling in the market so beware from fake products and see hallmark on the back side of the packet.


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Gopal Herbals

Gopal Herbals
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  1. jawedali

    good product for weight gain.

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